About Paul O Sullivan

With over 15,000 hours of hands on personal training spanning 5 years working with a wide variety of clientele, I then transitioned off the gym floor into full time online coaching.

For over 10 years between my experiences on the gym floor and consultations, I have come across almost every challenge that the real world produces for people and with that successfully coached hundreds of men & women from all walks of life to their goals.

My mission is simple. To maximise your potential and achieve the results you deserve in a sustainable manner with health optimisation always at the forefront of our interest.


Are you tired of trying to lose weight using every diet under the sun and find nothing works? Are you one of those people who have followed numerous programs in order to gain muscle but to find yourself only grow more frustrated at the lack of progress? Or have you invested your hard earned cash on a range of supplements and detox drinks to improve your wellbeing and quality of life but to feel no difference?

Be it fat loss, building muscle or improving your quality of life and health, I can help you reach your goals.