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We all strive for long term health but this doesn’t mean buying the latest juices or detox packages. Our health can be influenced by a number of factors such family history, sleeping patterns and quality of sleep, level of stress, digestive health, current diet and its quality of nutrients and activity all will have a stamp on our current and long-term health. Obviously there will be times that situations go beyond our control but what we can do is take action with certain factors and allow us take control of our health.

Establishing a sleep routine, managing stress, eating a diet of quality based foods along with drinking enough water and exercise all will help with not only our current health but future health too.

Irene Long

In the last twelve months, two of my friends died. One of my friends was a year older than me and his life mirrored mine in so many ways. His death had a profound effect on me, and I felt I was slapped into reality. I became aware of how short life is and how important it is to look after one’s health, fitness and well-being. This is why I contacted Paul as I needed guidance on how to live healthier. From the moment I met Paul, I knew he was going to be the right person to work with. He is honest, straight forward in the delivery of his messages about nutrition and practical about solving issues. He is all about being pro-active, living in the moment and focusing on the positive. I have a young daughter and often feel run off my feet. During my first consultation with Paul, he was vehement that Mums need to take time to look after themselves because we often neglect our health while focusing on our families. It was such a relief to hear him speak so passionately about a person’s need for self-care. Paul explained that we would work on regulating my sleep patterns and reducing day to day stress. I took his suggestions on board and after putting them into practise I noticed a difference within two weeks. This made day to day life so much easier because I had more energy, my mind was well-rested and with that capable of dealing with stressful situations.

I have been a migraineur since I was 12 years old. My migraine symptoms include loss of vision, speech, movement on the left-hand side of my body, vomiting and severe pain in my head, face, neck and shoulders. Physically, it takes me two days to recover from an attack. During my 12-week program, I suffered from a migraine attack. When I told Paul, he was such a great support, advising me to focus on the basics – hydration, certain foods (where I could eat) and rest which to my surprise helped me recover faster than ever. His in-depth knowledge of nutrition and fitness is impressive to say the least.

During the 12 weeks I worked with Paul, I became hooked on exercise. This is due to the fact that I was eating properly, therefore, fuelling my body in an efficient way. Plus, I was sleeping better and had lots more energy. Over the 12 weeks, I lost one stone in weight and 22 inches from my body. Whilst I am proud of the physical achievements I have made, the greatest gift I received from working with Paul is a newly found lust for life which also has had a positive effect on my family as they now eat better too. Working with Paul was a life changing experience and I truly can’t thank him enough for the support and advice he has given me. I am a healthier, fitter and a overall better person since working with him.

Yvonne Coughlan

When I first heard of Paul and ‘Bespoke Nutrition’ I went OMG I will lose loads of weight and I’ll be “Happy”. However, having been coached by Paul the last few months, my expectations were exceeded and what really living a healthy life is. Initially I was not thinking about sleep, water intake, stress, mood, digestion and bowel movements, I was just thinking numbers…. lbs/kgs How wrong was I. The numbers on the scales are a tiny piece of the process. Getting good sleep eating the right food to fuel your activity and recovery, managing stress and focusing on what is actually important is what it’s about.

Now the quality of my sleep is very good, stress is very much under control, water intake and portion size are under control and my ability to push the limits in training without being totally wrecked after is the biggest difference I see. Paul was available all the time even while on Honeymoon the updates were still coming in. He’s always there to answer questions along with giving advice and is clearly passionate about what he does. Thank you for making me a “happier healthier me”


Client health and sustainability is the foundation on which I build my coaching on. I conduct a full-scale analysis of your current lifestyle which involves taking an in-depth view of dietary habits, sleep, stress, digestion, energy levels, activity and mindset in order to get you in the best position to work towards your goal.

During the coaching process, the aim is always to educate you so you get a better understanding of the rationale behind the practices that we look to carefully install into your lifestyle and with that, have an eye on the long term with making you self-sufficient in maintaining your results.


Through a comprehensive questionnaire, I will gather as much information as possible on your lifestyle in order to tailor an approach which is to fit into your life in an enjoyable and sustainable manner in order for you to reach your goals.


With over 5 years of hands on personal training, I can construct a training approach to suit your resources, experience, ability and injury history. Whilst having access to a gym isn’t compulsory, it is advised in order to provide the optimal resources for you to achieve your goals.

All programming is completely individualised with every factor from sets and reps to rest times completely laid out in an easy to understand manner that goes in conjunction with your nutrition so results can be optimised.

Putting it all together

In order to get the results, you desire, every aspect of your week needs to be analysed in order for me to ensure the process is being optimised and with this that you get an understanding that certain variables will influence other aspects. Through comprehensive weekly online check ins  and round the clock support via email or Whatsapp, I ensure you get a coaching package that is designed to achieve results.


Are you tired of trying to lose weight using every diet under the sun and find nothing works? Are you one of those people who have followed numerous programs in order to gain muscle but to find yourself only grow more frustrated at the lack of progress? Or have you invested your hard earned cash on a range of supplements and detox drinks to improve your wellbeing and quality of life but to feel no difference?

Be it fat loss, building muscle or improving your quality of life and health, I can help you reach your goals.