Muscle Gain

Bespoke Nutrition For Muscle Gain.

Providing the highest quality coaching to a wide variety of clientele.

The fundamentals of gaining muscle is creating a stimulus to force muscle adaption such as resistance training and with this eating in a calorie surplus. However, gaining muscle goes beyond the simple ‘eat more & lift heavier’.

Sleeping patterns and quality of sleep, level of stress, digestive health, current level of body fat, current diet and it’s quality of nutrients, food preferences, activity, training execution, recovery capabilities, occupation and current mindset all need to be taken into consideration to map out a path that will allow you achieve results.


Client health and sustainability is the foundation on which I build my coaching on. I conduct a full-scale analysis of your current lifestyle which involves taking an in-depth view of dietary habits, sleep, stress, digestion, energy levels, activity and mindset in order to get you in the best position to work towards your goal.

During the coaching process, the aim is always to educate you so you get a better understanding of the rationale behind the practices that we look to carefully install into your lifestyle and with that, have an eye on the long term with making you self-sufficient in maintaining your results.


Through a comprehensive questionnaire, I will gather as much information as possible on your lifestyle in order to tailor an approach which is to fit into your life in an enjoyable and sustainable manner in order for you to reach your goals.


With over 5 years of hands on personal training, I can construct a training approach to suit your resources, experience, ability and injury history. Whilst having access to a gym isn’t compulsory, it is advised in order to provide the optimal resources for you to achieve your goals.

All programming is completely individualised with every factor from sets and reps to rest times completely laid out in an easy to understand manner that goes in conjunction with your nutrition so results can be optimised.

Putting it all together

In order to get the results, you desire, every aspect of your week needs to be analysed in order for me to ensure the process is being optimised and with this that you get an understanding that certain variables will influence other aspects. Through comprehensive weekly online check ins and round the clock support via email or Whatsapp, I ensure you get a coaching package that is designed to achieve results.


Are you tired of trying to lose weight using every diet under the sun and find nothing works? Are you one of those people who have followed numerous programs in order to gain muscle but to find yourself only grow more frustrated at the lack of progress? Or have you invested your hard earned cash on a range of supplements and detox drinks to improve your wellbeing and quality of life but to feel no difference?

Be it fat loss, building muscle or improving your quality of life and health, I can help you reach your goals.