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I reached out to Paul in March when I was feeling a bit lost in myself and my situation. I had indulged plenty over Christmas and couldn’t get back into my usual routine which was a pretty good one. I knew I needed someone to steer me in the right direction and I knew Paul was the person to help me.

I was so happy after getting in touch and actually wished I had just reached out sooner! You’re never 100% ready for anything and with good guidance that’s what a coach is there for, to help get you back on the right track. As soon as the coaching started I felt the motivation and excitement rush back.

We suddenly went into lockdown and I felt lost all over again, only a week after starting I now had no gym to work with and felt no purpose in having a coach. Paul quickly put me in my place and got my head straight-just because there’s no gym doesn’t mean we sit around and wallow in self-pity (which is what I wanted to do-and probably stuff my face)

During the course of the lockdown I cleared out my garage and got everything set for training and stuck to my workouts every week. It actually felt amazing having routine during this pandemic when I could’ve easily just went down the path of self-pity. It gave my days and weeks purpose and overall I felt great. With regular updates and check ins with Paul it really did help keep me on the right track.

During lockdown I had a few episodes with my mental health and Paul helped me figure out things that I needed to do to help my situation. Things that you do, but forget over time. This really helped get me back to a happier me and find clarity.

Having a coach isn’t just about the numbers on the scales or losing fat. It can be about so much more. Paul is kind of like a life coach as well as a nutrition and fitness coach. I would 100% recommend Paul if you’re thinking about coaching or just need someone to help steer you back on your path. I know if/when I need it again Paul would be my go to.

I started working with Paul 6 months after my first baby. I was unhappy with my shape, lacking energy and feeling a bit lost post baby but I knew Paul was the man to help!

From our first conversation, I just knew he knew exactly what he was talking about. He has so much knowledge about the post-partum body and I was excited to begin.

Within 2 weeks of working with Paul I could feel the difference. The bloating was gone, I wasn’t panicking about over eating and constantly being in a cycle of guilt and reward and I felt I was on my way back to myself.

Over the last few months Paul has thought me so much about nutrition and training and any questions I had about food or exercise, Paul knew the answer. With all of this, Paul thought me to understand it’s consistency over time which reaps the rewards rather than a quick fix.

Paul is a genius and so passionate about his work that working with him even through lockdown was a godsend. I’ve lost body fat and gained muscle which has led me to be able to eat more food than I would ever have thought I could eat and fit back into my size 10’s!

Thanks Paul!!

Paul just gets it!!

He’s a fountain of knowledge who never stops enhancing his education to ensure you are getting the best possible nutrition,training and lifestyle advice.

For me, what was most important was finding a coach that understood and took into account the complexity of the female body. What stood out with Paul was that he constantly put in the time and research to ensure that the knowledge he provided was tailored to my own individual circumstances.

Paul’s approach encompassed all elements that would influence my personal goal including managing stress, sleep patterns, digestive health and most importantly my bodies cycle.

Paul’s coaching is not a quick fix, but is a bespoke program with 24/7 support that has led me to a healthier lifestyle and a happier relationship with food and my body.

Thank you Paul

Paul’s guidance and advice over the last 8 weeks has been nothing short of phenomenal.

It is incredible what I have learned the last number of weeks from maintaining a good diet to improving my sleep and stress levels both of which I never thought would play such a huge role in improving my body shape.

From answering my constant questions and being available 24/7, I couldn’t be happier with not only losing 17lbs, but also improving the overall quality of my life.

Thank you for everything Paul

Before I started working with Paul I had a really unhealthy relationship with food. Just like most girls I used it as both a reward and a punishment. I was binge eating and starving myself in a vicious circle. 

There are few words that can adequately describe how much this process has changed my WHOLE life…when Paul asked me first day what I wanted I said I wanted a 6 pack…oh how naïve I was!! I was a victim of the social media version of healthy there are so many more important things to a healthy balanced lifestyle than just how you look

I got what I asked for but I also got so much more:

– I understand how to fuel my body and make better choices. 

– I have far more energy than ever before

– My weekly shopping bill is almost half what it was.

– I don’t get cravings anymore.

– I don’t get an afternoon slump.

– I’m more confident in my ability both in the gym and outside it

– I can now cook (kind of!) for anyone who knows me this is a big deal!

Paul is everything you could ask for in a nutrition coach, he is knowledgeable, understanding, motivating, flexible, and overall gives you accountability.  He responds promptly to you and follows up on you if you miss a check in because he actually cares!  He wants you to succeed beyond the number of weeks you work with him so he educates you throughout the process. This plan is NOT a diet it is a lifestyle change.

Moral of the story is this has changed my life and if your goal is to get your body working for you then what are you waiting for?  Do something for your future self today and message Paul now…you will not regret it! 

I’ve always been naturally quite slim and always found it a challenge to put on muscle. I heard about Paul through several of my friends and saw they had great results so went for an initial consultation. My goal was to add as much muscle as possible, stay lean and to improve my eating habits. Paul put together a structure that not only gave me a path to my goal but also took into account my hectic schedule with work, travel etc.

From the start to the finish Paul kept me motivated and on track. Not only did I achieve the muscle gains I wanted but I also saw a massive improvement in my sleep, digestive system, cognitive focus, strength and cardio fitness.

I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants gain muscle, loose weight or use food to improve part of your life. I will definitely be working again with Paul in the near future.

I’ve worked with Paul a few times, with a different goal in mind each time. I say worked with because when Paul is involved, you really feel supported the whole time. You must put in the work but you always feel you’ve got someone on your side. The time and effort Paul puts into clients is almost incomprehensible. He is so knowledgeable and is constantly educating himself so that he can guide and support. He is a fountain of knowledge and experience.

Working with Paul has reframed my own mindset towards food and nutrition. I have learned so much from him and definitely have a better understanding and balance in my life.

Paul is very understanding, genuinely cares and is very motivating. I can’t speak highly enough of him. I’m very grateful that when I went looking for nutrition advice and support, it was Paul I turned to. He taught me how important sleep, stress and mindset are as well as nutrition when you want to achieve a goal. Almost subconsciously, my lifestyle habits have become healthier but still balanced and sustainable, all with thanks to what I’ve learned from Paul.

I’ve known Paul for a few years now since joining the gym but have only started working with him in the last eighteen months. From our first meeting I knew it would work as he understood even though my goal was to get in shape for holidays and I was one hundred percent committed to it he took into account my very busy timetable with work and family and took all this into consideration when coming up with a plan for me which resulted in me heading away on holidays in what we agreed was fantastic shape.

In the following twelve months we’ve carried on working together in a slow and measured approach and this year I went on holiday in even better shape having Paul guiding me. In the time I’ve known him he’s shown and introduced to me so many new things such as new foods, training methods and the importance of sleep but to name a few which I’ve implemented and are now a staple of my day to day life.

I’m forty next year and can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life and Paul has played a huge part in that. In short I can’t speak highly enough of him and would recommend him to anyone.

I do not recognize myself from the first time I walked into Paul’s office. Although I was training, I was a chronic insomniac with a hectic job, my diet was erratic, and it was completely centred around convenience. Over the last 12 weeks, as well as sorting food out, I have managed to obtain the seemingly unobtainable, solid eight hours sleep consistently. Something I never thought possible from a nutrition coach. So yes, although I am fitter and leaner, in better form and have more confidence, that is bonus territory when compared with my sleeping.

The focus from the very beginning was on my health. Once the sleeping was sorted, everything else fell into place and weight dropped. If I can do it, anyone can. It’s just a matter of asking the right people for help. I couldn’t recommend Paul more.

In the last twelve months, two of my friends died. One of my friends was a year older than me and his life mirrored mine in so many ways. His death had a profound effect on me, and I felt I was slapped into reality. I became aware of how short life is and how important it is to look after one’s health, fitness and well-being. This is why I contacted Paul as I needed guidance on how to live healthier. From the moment I met Paul, I knew he was going to be the right person to work with. He is honest, straight forward in the delivery of his messages about nutrition and practical about solving issues. He is all about being pro-active, living in the moment and focusing on the positive. I have a young daughter and often feel run off my feet. During my first consultation with Paul, he was vehement that Mums need to take time to look after themselves because we often neglect our health while focusing on our families. It was such a relief to hear him speak so passionately about a person’s need for self-care. Paul explained that we would work on regulating my sleep patterns and reducing day to day stress. I took his suggestions on board and after putting them into practise I noticed a difference within two weeks. This made day to day life so much easier because I had more energy, my mind was well-rested and with that capable of dealing with stressful situations.

I have been a migraineur since I was 12 years old. My migraine symptoms include loss of vision, speech, movement on the left-hand side of my body, vomiting and severe pain in my head, face, neck and shoulders. Physically, it takes me two days to recover from an attack. During my 12-week program, I suffered from a migraine attack. When I told Paul, he was such a great support, advising me to focus on the basics – hydration, certain foods (where I could eat) and rest which to my surprise helped me recover faster than ever. His in-depth knowledge of nutrition and fitness is impressive to say the least.

During the 12 weeks I worked with Paul, I became hooked on exercise. This is due to the fact that I was eating properly, therefore, fuelling my body in an efficient way. Plus, I was sleeping better and had lots more energy. Over the 12 weeks, I lost one stone in weight and 22 inches from my body. Whilst I am proud of the physical achievements I have made, the greatest gift I received from working with Paul is a newly found lust for life which also has had a positive effect on my family as they now eat better too. Working with Paul was a life changing experience and I truly can’t thank him enough for the support and advice he has given me. I am a healthier, fitter and a overall better person since working with him.

I have been working with Paul for the last number of weeks and the difference from the start to now is night and day. The past few weeks I have found Paul to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and overall health. Initially when I started working with Paul my sleep was terrible, some nights only getting 3-4 hours’ sleep. Paul stressed the importance of sleep and gave me tools to put in place each night before bed that have really helped me. I now sleep 7-8 hours a night and really feel the benefits. I also had hormonal issues surrounding PMS, Paul recommended herbal supplements to combat this issue which is now completely resolved which I can’t believe.

My training has improved in the last few weeks and I feel stronger, fitter and I have also lost weight. Paul is very approachable and will reply within minutes when you ask him a question. I have no doubt our paths will cross in the future again as Paul really is an expert in his field. Thanks for everything.

After seeing the results my husband had with Paul, I decided to meet with him and hopefully loose a few pounds. On our first visit I explained to Paul how I suffered badly with IBS and in recent weeks it had got progressively worse. Paul’s priority was to sort out my digestive system and get me feeling better in myself. After filling out a comprehensive questionnaire, Paul came up with an initial protocol to help my digestion. After following his advice as best, I could, I could feel the benefits as the weeks went on and also my body start to take shape.

The difference from start to now is night and day. This year was the first holiday I can remember not reaching for medication daily or feeling bloated and in pain with IBS. I know feel confident in my body and not always worrying when my next IBS flare up will be. I’m delighted I decided to meet with Paul and would highly recommend him to others.

When I first heard of Paul and ‘Bespoke Nutrition’ I went OMG I will lose loads of weight and I’ll be “Happy”. However, having been coached by Paul the last few months, my expectations were exceeded and what really living a healthy life is. Initially I was not thinking about sleep, water intake, stress, mood, digestion and bowel movements, I was just thinking numbers…. lbs/kgs How wrong was I. The numbers on the scales are a tiny piece of the process. Getting good sleep eating the right food to fuel your activity and recovery, managing stress and focusing on what is actually important is what it’s about.

Now the quality of my sleep is very good, stress is very much under control, water intake and portion size are under control and my ability to push the limits in training without being totally wrecked after is the biggest difference I see. Paul was available all the time even while on Honeymoon the updates were still coming in. He’s always there to answer questions along with giving advice and is clearly passionate about what he does. Thank you for making me a “happier healthier me”

I have always struggled with my digestion and feeling constantly uncomfortable in my clothes no matter what I ate or exercised. I am sceptical of ‘fad’ diets and ‘plans’. However, a friend told me to talk to Paul and it has completely changed my outlook on nutrition. From the start, Paul stripped everything back taking into account my lifestyle, mental well-being, my stress responses and training outside of just my diet. It wasn’t “let’s get you slim in 6 weeks” it was “let’s get you healthy, comfortable and have this long-lasting attitude to diet”.

Paul was available 24/7 for me to message and never made me feel bad if I had a bad day. He just looked beyond the typical ‘keep on track’ but made me understand there is always a reason be it hormones, sleep or stress and then put tactics in place for the future.

Overall, I came down in weight and lost inches off my body but most importantly the bloating is gone, my digestion is the best it’s been, I’m better educated on what foods work for me and I have a better to being healthy going forward. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone no matter what your goal. He makes it so easy! Thank you for making me a happier healthier me!

I have been working with Paul over the past 2 years and I can honestly say without his guidance, knowledge and expertise I would have never gotten to this point where I can genuinely say for the first time I am comfortable and confident in my own skin. His attention to detail and client care really does make all the difference with over the past 2 years I have worked with him, we have worked towards a number of different personal goals such as postpartum weight loss, marathon running, strength training and photo shoot prep and each time I have felt fully supported and confident that he would be able to tailor my nutrition and training to help me achieve each of these goals.

Whilst helping me reach personal goals, under his guidance I have been able to manage my IBS which is something I have struggled with for years. I now finally feel like I’m in a healthy place with my nutrition, training and lifestyle. Paul really goes that extra mile with his coaching, and I look forward to where we can take things the coming months towards my next goal.


Are you tired of trying to lose weight using every diet under the sun and find nothing works? Are you one of those people who have followed numerous programs in order to gain muscle but to find yourself only grow more frustrated at the lack of progress? Or have you invested your hard earned cash on a range of supplements and detox drinks to improve your wellbeing and quality of life but to feel no difference?

Be it fat loss, building muscle or improving your quality of life and health, I can help you reach your goals.